Seymour's Dance

This is my favorite part of Happy Feet!



This video is long so you don't have to watch the whole thing but it is so cute!

Rosie and Bunny


Little Known Fact

Did you know that a ferret can squeeze through the bars of a cage that are only 1 inch apart? Well, Rosie can. But the weird thing is, she is a pretty chubby ferret and it is really surprising to see here shift herself through those bars. For a couple of years now, we have had to keep a sheet of plastic over the sides of the cage to keep her from getting out!

Vacation in Canada

These were taken when my brother and I went with our cousins to their cottage in Canada.

Birthday Pics!!!

Playing Twister with my friends!
Mud Masks!
Camping in the front room!
Hanging Out in the kitchen!


Happy 4th of July!